Massive fire and smoke cloud


There is a massive fire burning somewhere down south of Kuwait. I could see the smoke column as far as from Bayan palace, till i teached Avenues the smoke cloud got thicker with wind blowing towards Airport /Farwniya side. Hope its not the Kabd tire fire again. Please let me know if you know about it.

What happens Next?

Sorry for not keeping you guys updated… Kinda had an internet withdrawal, hence didn’t write anything for the last few days.. so here’s what’s happening

* Incredibly I haven’t passed stools for the last 14 days (freaking crazy yeah?) The reason being I am on liquid diet and the colon has no strength to flush out whatever that is already in my stomach. I have lost weight like crazy, now I look like Christian bale from the Machinist.

* Biopsy report is taking ages to come, been to KCCC several times, every time they send me back giving one reason or the other. If it were in India it would take 48 hours for the biopsy report to come. Kuwait keeps surprising me.

* Trying to get my residence stamped. Can’t disclose details now, but God is making way in mysterious ways. When it happens will let you know.

*Stomach is distended, last week took two enema’s but nothing happened, even the enema water stayed inside. Think my stomach is really upset about the ill treatment I gave it (by eating junk)

* Went to KCCC to get my stomach flushed, after taking X-ray doctors said ‘don’t come back unless you are vomiting or in severe pain. Since both has not happened I am still at home not knowing what is next.

* Faith is at its peak, God has been working miracles left and right, Will need a separate blog to write it all down.

* Today my son is graduating at Bhavan’s, He’s in UKG, Praying to God that He keeps me in the land of the living to see him graduate from college.

That’s it for now, Keep in me prayers, Don’t know what is the next step, pray that God reveals it at the earliest and eases my discomfort.

7 days and 7 Nights

Thought it was not going to end, I mean I have had major surgeries and have recovered in less than 7 days, but this seemed unending. The pain in the stomach and rumbling gasses  showed no sign of ceasing even for a minute. It was (is) like a mighty river gushing down my large intestine followed by thunderous sounds of gasses that followed. Finally on Tuesday after having taken no liquid through my mouth for 7 days, the colonoscopy  sigmoidoscopy happened (third time lucky) and I was let go from the hospital. The doctor said “it doesn’t seem like a tumor, my be fibrosis”. But whatever the case My faith is on God, I for one believe that cancer is defeated, though I haven’t heard from doctors officially this is my faith. I can’t take it no more. Now that I am back home waiting for Wednesday to come with a confidence that God has altered cancer’s path and the biopsy result will be benign. Wait for me to announce  it officially.

While I was in the hospital noticed several cases that were terminal and some of them who just diagnosed with cancer. One of the terminally ill  patient is a Pakistani National, though I picked up a fight with him over a chair (as chairs are scarce at HMJCS) later we became friends. He too has colon cancer and doctors told him that there is nothing they can do anymore. It was depressing to watch him sit on the chair on the corridor and lost in thoughts. It must be really hard when the family is in Pakistan and he is facing cancer alone. I pray to God that He makes way for this child of His.

Another case is of an Egyptian national who is just 34-year-old and has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Though he looked confident that this is just a small disruption of his normal life, on the second day he grew more serious as Doctors explained to him  what he is about to undergo. Upon discovering that  I am a colorectal cancer patient he tried to get as much information from me about the disease and the changes in life, though I tried to explain much, as I haven’t had anything to drink for 7 days my throat was drying fast and I am not sure if we crossed the English language accent barrier.

One thing I liked about the hospital is the utmost care taken by the staff, though racial tensions remain between staff (which are visible sometimes) no stone is upturned when it comes to treating the patients, only that citing a doctor is a rarity if not for the routine rounds.

So that’s it for now, I will keep you my readers updated about the latest. Meanwhile still no lead on my expiring residence, but that is a minor issue, I know God’s hands are not too short to grant wishes of his faithful.

Just hit a stumbling block

Small update: My colonoscopy didn’t happen on thursday as it was planned. Things went wrong after I started to take ,GolyTelly’ to induce diarrehea to clear my bowels. I was so exhausted and bloated, my wife decided to take me to KCCC casualty. It was a wise decision, I was put on medications and admitted since my colonoscopy was scheduled next day.

But Endoscopist couldn’t get through the blocked anal passage, as I could see (on monitor) the blockage was really severe and Doctor advised to do the proceedure on Sunday under general anastatia.

So I got stuck at KCCC, which is really not bad as the staff take utmost care of you and unlike India the hospital is spik and span. I hope know I am in good hands,  last night there was a doubt and God opened my eyes with this message

“This is what the Lord says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord” (NIV)”

Now there is no doubt in my mind that God is at work and this shall pass like a bad dream.

What an eventful day


What an eventful day? First it rained cats and dogs in the morning slowing down the traffic to an absolute halt at places, then in the afternoon severe dust-storm that I could gaze at the sun with my naked eyes.  All in one day!! Makes me wonder if the ‘weather gods’ have gone crazy.

What else is crazy? I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thursday, there is an accute blockage in my anal passage because of which  I am bloated and about to burst (no kidding) But I have put my complete trust in God, I don’t mind if you call me a fanatic right now. Everybody around me is wondering why I am so calm, so calm I even prayed for a lady at a restaurant in front of everyone, she’s been just diagnosed with cancer. I haven’t laughed at the face of death like this before. Guess that’s what ‘faith’ enables in you.. a courage like nothing you have ever witnessed.

So that’s it for now, keep me thoughts and  prayers.

Dear “The Avenues”


Dear The Avenues,

Asking people to smoke in “designated area” is like asking people to swim in the non-clorinated area of the swimming pool.

P.S Second hand smoke causes cancer and other diseses.

Yours Truly,
Grey (a cancer patient)

Could things go any worse than this ..

So last night was my umpteenth CT scan and turns out that hell hath broken lose once again. Not only that my tumor is recurring at the original area, I seem to have developed a Toxic mega-colon which is due the side effect of chemotherapy. Now the tricky situation is I can’t fly to India for treatment because my residence is expiring on March 26th and I have no leads for a sponsor yet. So what happens next? I don’t know, I am opting for surgery at KCCC as I don’t want to miss my wife and Kid anymore. I have surrendered my situation to God, he has always led me through the darkest of times. I am sure this one will pass too.

Keep me in prayers.

Thick Fog cover over Kuwait


What an incredibly foggy day!! Could barely see 20 meters at 5 pm, had to cancel an important meeting at Mangaf, couldnt risk driving all the way and back with such low visibility. Nonetheless traffic was even more dangerous with reckless drivers zigzagging through the slwo traffic. Hope not many accidents happened today as most people opted to stay indoors.

Why I will never Shop at City Centre again


Remember the last time I wrote about the honest employees of Sultan Centre? Such customer service is hard to find, I say this espcially after meeting a disrespectful employee of City Centre Salmiya.

My wife wanted to buy a suit, so we head to Souk Salmiya, after browsing few shops we enter City Centre. My wife liked couple of suits so she wanted to try, surprisingly the trial room was closed. So we request the a lady worker who bluntly said, “the trial room is closed because of promotion” .So I ask her “if the suit does not fit/like can we refund” she says “No refund only exchange”

So I asked the gentleman who looked like supervisor at the section “can you make an exception and open the trial room only for a while” . He refuses saying “if we open for you we have to open for everyone, but you can refund” … “NO REFUND SIR” shouts the lady from the back.

So I went to the City centre “Manager” who was kind enough to escort us to the trial room and “ordered” Mr Imran to open the trial room, guess what??? Imran somehow sweet-talks the manager and sends my wife to the store room, which is a “glass door” and SHE HAS TO CHANGE UNDER THE STAIRCASE WHILE MEN ARE WATCHING FROM OUTSIDE”

We just stormed out of CityCentre, we have never been insulted by any one like this before. What a shame!! A leading business centre asking a woman to change dress under the stairs in front of everyone!!! I wonder if Mr Imran would allow his sister or wife to change dress while men peeped from outside. And what kind of store manager City Cenre has who is incapble of making his subordinates obey him??

This is the last time I visited City Center, they seriously need to take lesson from Sultan Center employees on HOW TO RESPECT CUSTOMERS.