Its a Dogs life

Its a Dogs life, if ever you have been to Marina Mall [ or any other mall in Kuwait ] You will probably fail to notice the cleaner walking by , with a fancy broom in his hand ! Heart wrenching it is , they are “made” to walk 12 hours a day and there is hardly one hour lunch break ! They are constantly watched up on by the security gaurds , they start at 8am from thier cramped accomodation which holds 6 people in one room i.e almost 20 people in a two bedroom flat they reach the work place by 9am in a non-a/c bus. Then the walk of life starts and it gets over by midnight 12o’clock. By the time they reach home its 1am and then they have to do the daily chores like washing and cooking . These workers are paid KD25 a month , since they are workingovertime they manage to get somewhere between KD45 a month, its less than the amount some of you spend on Diesl pant. They have a ONE day off in a month ! sick leave are not heard of ! If they are sick they prefer not to go to the hospital because even the token fee of KD1 at the clinic is more than thier one day salary. These are the walkers , now there are the prisoners in the toilets who languish in the toilets for months in a stretch , Thier only enjoyment is when they are posted to the foodcourt where they can get the ‘crumbs from your table”.

Aint its a dogs life?

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