Special Features

Special Features
Check if you are one among these….

1. You enter a showroom smoking, salesman asks ‘Sir please do not smoke here’ .But before you leave you have smoke like a chimney .
2. You enter a shop in a Mall and your girlfriend is online from last few hours, you don’t want to shut on her but you have to buy the shoe at the same time , you talk to the salesman in sign languages and end up buying the wrong shoe, wrong size.

5.You pick up a T-REX at the toy shop , your wife is at the counter , you assume that she paid for the raptor too and you go home to realize that the T-Rex is not paid for , so you send your driver to pay for it the third day .
6. You buy a special edition sandal, but your cousin ends up buying the same shoe different size from the other branch, you are insulted and you confront the salesman savagely, salesman goes nuts , you slap the salesman and then you call the police , have him arrested just to humiliate him.
7.Your three year old son picks up a football and is playing inside the shop kicking it almost everywhere. But you are just standing and admiring the future Bashar Abdulla.
8.You see a nice vest, colorful , but salesman says “its ladies sir”. You ignore it and wear it and walk around the Mall and Girls who brought the same vest are now confused if they are wearing Mens vest.
9. The Mall is very crowded and you cant have a decent conversation with your friend on the phone, so you enter a shop, pretend to be the customer and after 1 hour of yapping leave with out Even saying thank you.
10. You are fighting for a discount because the shop opposite is having a sale and you insist that the whole of Kuwait is on sale why aren’t you?

11. You want to buy underwear for your husband , but you cant recall his size ! so you ask your maid “Mary ! what is Baba’s underwear size” so loud that the whole shop is looking at you wondering who’s sleeping with your husband.

13.You gloat over the new apparel you brought from “Lenden“, salesman is also having the very dress which he brought from “Mahameed“.
14. You feel proud to roam around The Mall in your Boxers.
15.Its 10 o’clock and the shop is closing , lights are off, but you walk in pretending to not to see the darkness and make the staff come back and attend you.
16.You always walk around the Mall with just ‘one friend’, but you hardly talk to him because you are very busy on the phone with your other friend……. so is he.
17. You tend to adjust your headscarf/Gatra in front of anything that is reflecting.
18.You confuse a Asian looking [ man in Armani suit] man to be a the salesman and ask him to bring size 10 shoes but he turns out to be Ambassador from Thailand shopping as well.
19.You are sending your driver to change your expensive suit, but you cant remember which Mall you bought it from.
20.You always park your car on the pavement of the mall parking despite being labeled for ” wrong parking’ on your window last 5 times.
22.There is a wet floor sign board and the janitor is mopping. but you walk right through it and kick the sign board too.

these are real experiences…I have deleted some .. coz i may sound like a mocker at times


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