Thank You Mr President

Look what i’ve found ! I was searching the google images for a arab man picture , and here is a very funny looking arab man! No offence , personally i like G ‘Dubya’ Bush, i am thankful to him for getting rid of Saddam Hussain . though i dont care for the reasons , whether it was right or wrong, i among many other Kuwait expats thank him. I remember how in 97 Saddam Hussains army came very close to the border and we had to buy canned food stuff and water bottles and how we had to pack our homes ‘air tight’ because every one thought Saddam was going to use chemical weapons . But He didnt and he went back , left us to eat canned food for months to come ! Now it looks funny, but we were really scared back in 1997.
Thanks Mr President , you have done a marvellous job!

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