Chaos Bank

Chaos ! is the other name of Burgan Bank . Today morning i went at 10am exactly and came out at 11.25am, Oh What a rush , i understand that on Sundays everybody wants to deposite money , but the cashiers are so slow they put turtles to shame. So i went up to the cashier and said
” Gosh ! i have been waiting for an hour” expecting an apology .
” What we can Do ” !!! She replied ,
In my mind i yelled ” a simple sorry ! would do #iatch” .Well that was inside my mind. But there was this “Baddu” yelling on top of his voice , when no one payed attention he called the head Office of Burgan Bank and started yelling so loud becasue he lost his ATM card which had KD2/-,atleast he made all of us laugh. there is no rule in BB if you have ‘Wasta’ [ Kuwaiti term for ‘infulence’] you can get your work doen super fast or else will have to wait for hours like i did. They should atleast shift those cashiers with ‘butter fingers and snail speed’ . But hey ! its Kuwait ….. who cares !

3 comments on “Chaos Bank

  1. Someone with a sense of entrepreneur-ship could make a fortune here, setting up classes in excellence in customer service. Crowne Plaza and the Marriots do it well, Chilis does it well, Tumbleweeds does it well . . . it IS possible, with the right training, the right mind-set.

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