Bedbugs and the Bitter blood

The menace of Bedbugs has hit Kuwait like an epidemic, though no one
would like to confess that their home or car or work place is infested with bed bugs due to prestige sake. Infestation of bed bugs is so much these days the Pest Control business is raking profits like never before. Ignorance is another factor , some time ago due to some circumstance i had to stay with some Friends of mine in a bachelors apartment in Salmiya. I couldn’t sleep for days because bed bugs kept biting me and one of the boys ‘Shadab‘ was proud enough to tell that ” my blood is bitter that’s why they are not biting me” .
I was dumbfound at this new concept of ‘bitter blood ‘ theory. Anyway ! since no one was willing to cough up any money since all of them seem to have this ‘ bitter blood’ ,i brought two cans of ‘baygon‘ and sprayed each nook and corner of everyones bed . Surprisingly the Shadab’s bed had the maximum bed bugs. only reason he couldn’t notice the bite is because he used to come home so tired he slept like a log. When i moved out …. i carried them along with me and infested my new abode and after a year despite of numerous battles and wars with bedbugs i seem to lose . Just when I think i have won and no more bedbugs! there is always one bug biting you right in my ass to tell me that its not over!!
Edit : Recently a friend of mine discovered that the small German cockroaches are eating bedbugs ! I wonder how in the heavens he couldn’t establish himself as a scientist. Anyway ! this dude went to his neighbours and ‘borrowed’ some roaches and left them in his room . Now he strongly believes that there are no bedbugs in his room ! .


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