H&M Kuwait

Well after a month long hue and cry H&M in Marina Mall Kuwait turned out to be a farce. Today Fm99.7 was playing the H&M Madonna add just every half second that H&M is going to open on 20th [i.e tomorrow] at 6pm. But today suddenly at 8.30pm I saw a lot of women carrying H&M shopping bag , and almost everyone had this exclusive Madonna Bag [ They said just 150 pieces available against every KD20 purchase ] But not every guy was allowed to enter. Only VIPs and people with Invitation card were allowed inside. Looks like Al Shaya had planned this well ahead and thus to avoid people enter the shop through ‘wasta‘ they hired Marafie security guards and these ‘Amriki‘ guards with the size of arms big as my thighs weren’t allowing the local Tom Dick or even Harry. Only the elite class of Kuwaitis were allowed inside. One could see the frustration in the eyes of some middle class Kuwaitis who could not make it in despite of ‘wasta‘. I wonder like the add said if they are distributing just 150 bags , if so what they will do tomorrow at 6pm? Either way its a mad rush and lots of good stuff . But what happened today is segregation and should be condemned in the international court of fashion.. if ever there is going to be one.

Madonna Called H&M “HEr Majesty ” I call it “Huge Mockery “

7 comments on “H&M Kuwait

  1. 1. it was a private affair.2. it wasnt only ‘elite’.3. it was only for invited guests.4. whats the problem with opening any store in kuwait privately?!?5. there are 2 bags offered one for the ‘private’ opening and one for the ‘general’ opening6. the exact thing happened in dubai 🙂

  2. Yeah ! i guess you are right spicy ! i was there at H&M at 6pm . It rained cats n dogs ! such a huge rush , it put to shame the Darfur refugees.Kidding ! Anyway the bag was offerd only for the purchase of Madonna Collection alone, some people were disappointed as they waited in the ‘taboora’ to get the bag only to be told otherwise.

  3. The thing that seems odd is how do you decide who is the elite or not. It doesnt seem like it was the elite or anything like that, but family and friends who got invitations and it was a private opening simple as that. This happens a lot even in the states, when you have an event opening. They were going nuts fine, it happens. And I think it was smart of them to stop the regular riff raff who werent going to do anything since it was a private affair in the first place. And for god sakes its only H&M! Its freaking cloths people!

  4. What you have written is not true. EVERYONE was allowed in and the first 150 got the bag (actually less than 150 people ’cause some got more than one). It was not a VIP-only event.Moreover, it was at 6 PM not 8:30.RegardsHannaD

  5. Hanna , you missed the point , i was talking about the 19th evening, they opend at 8.30 pm and only invitees were allowed inside, anyway …like marzouk said its just H&M, very bad clothing.

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