Culture club

Welcome to the culture club ! . Walk around Marina Mall and you will notice atleast one ‘Jins’ pass you by. Before i say anythig i am not anti-jins. I’ve got friends who are ‘bakla’ as a Fillipino friend would prefer to be called. [ well they became friends after thier failed attempt to make me thier ‘bitch’. ] The majority of Jins are Fillipinos. Sometimes they invade Marina like a swarm of locust .. giggling and shaking all the way. Kuwaitis are in the second place. Recently thier joint which was a condemned building opposite to Sports corner on SAM St was demolished. The best ‘jins’ i have seen in recnet days works at ‘Promod’. The guy[?] is macho but is also nacho and chweet. Its sad that people who has sex chanege ops can not change their gender officially. But whats up with these young men ? Trust me when ever a trans walks by in Marina , they have more boys following them. Strange taste huh !


One comment on “Culture club

  1. That is just confusing as hell! I think there is something wrong to a certain degree in this country where there is an abundance of women and men have to resort to other men.. I do think its wrong in Kuwait. I dont have anything against others in other countries since I have nothing to do with it, but here its just crazy.

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