The Bangladeshi Menace

Police nab gang for kidnapping, forcing women into flesh trade.
KUWAIT CITY: Police have arrested three men — an Egyptian and two Bangladeshis — for kidnapping Asian women and forcing them into prostitution, reports Al-Qabas daily. A police source said the suspects were taken in for interrogation after two Asian women escaped from the suspects and filed a complaint with the police accusing two men — a Bangladeshi and the Egyptian – of kidnapping them two weeks ago and forcing them to ‘satisfy men’ in return for money. Police investigations led them to a vice den in Khaitan where the three men practiced their illegal trade. During interrogation the men admitted to kidnapping 11 women and selling them to pimps in Hassawi and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. The men have also admitted to committing 18 robberies in various places. Police investigations are continuing.

I have been trying to locate a article Arabtimes printed yesterday , Police arrested 3 Bangladeshi pimps and rescued 9 Asian women who were lured out of thier sponsors home for better job and better salary. It was really heart wrenching , my wife got in to tears reading the inhumane treatment these victims got. One was forced to have sex with 200 men in 20 days and another 19 year old was sold for KD200 . Govt of Kuwait should do more, in my oipinion they should ban Bangladeshis all together , I have never come across a decent Bangladeshi [except my peon] . From the fish market in Sharq to the porter in the Airport they are a menace to the Kuwait society , They do not have any humanity, even the most ordinary Bangali is a thief , and capable of committing a major crime i believe. In fact Bangalis do not have any morality whatso ever. I have never heard anyone say a good word about Bangladeshi’s. While the MOI is sleeping and cops themselves are rapists i dont think that this country will ever get rid of these Demons .

May be Hasawi will get a ‘official’ recognition as a ‘ red light area ‘ one of these days. Oh ! what a shame !


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