My Ramadan

Finally Ramadan is over and all is back to normal, all these sleepless days now behind i can look forward for some sleep now . Really sleep deprived and two heart attacks and a bitter fight marked my Ramadan. First, Suzanne had to go to work at 8 so she will get up at 6.30. i was given second shift so i came home at 12am and by the time we ate and slept it was 2am then get up at6.30 man ! that is frustrating.
Aunt Natalie had a heat attack , her first, She got admitted in Al Amiri, we thought she wouldn’t make it, but she did, she is fine now , today she is able to walk few metres on her own. Now this has scared Jacob even more, he is worried that if he’d get a heart attack “it’s gonna hurt bad ” .
Got into a mess of a fight, which wasn’t mine anyway , i went to defend a colleauge whom i hate from the bottom of my heart , wouldn’t normally do so ,but had to defend him because it was work related issue, but what the phuck….. some passer by Kuwaiti kids got involved and beat the crap out of my colleague and tried to kick me some [but didn’t get me even once,] security came in and gave same old f##king advice, ‘why you guys fighting call us next time ‘… One of the main boy came after few minuets and showed me the “wait! I’ll be back” sign. Next day the same thing repeated. But both times i gave him such a cold look he must have got worried somewhere, third day he came to us and asked “what was the fight all about”. We explained what danger he was in because we didn’t press charges even when he is caught on camera [ this the coolest lie i have ever told in recent years ] the guy panicked and started to explain how he thought he was defending a Kuwaiti … I said
“hey dude ! we were apprehending a thief what the puck you were thinking.. all are same , no Kuwaiti or Ajnabee is above the law, a thief is a thief”. The guy was full of embarrassment though he wouldn’t say sorry, shook hands wished us Eid Mubarak , thislam, ya thikklafia, Allai salmik, fimalla……… Man i am relieved this is over !!!!! . Was worried to death that anytime i would get banged by 25 Jahrawi’s and that would be my end.
Thank God ! all is over New month new start, a big lesson of life “don’t fight others fights , no matter what, times are a changing .


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