Chaos In Marina Mall

It was Pure Chaos On Eid day and on New years Eve, reminded me of the days of Old when we used to sit by the raging river and watch the ferocity of water. Only Difference was the hallways of Marina Mall were just like the river . Young kids with high testostrones oozing out in extraordinary proportions were roaming in amazing speed , round and round again hunting for for anything that looked like the opposite sex.
Young guns with electrocuted hair [ they look like they just came back from 2003] and Girls dressed in the latest H&M wear[ME version aka mini skirts on top of jeans, tight top but with a hijab] taking circles of Marina with expressions written all over ‘ look at me, look at me” . But it was the day of some up and coming future predators , girls were being molested in the open even while parents were around them. I wouldn’t lie because i saw at least three girls screaming at top of thier voice for ‘help’ but no one cared [ who wants trouble anyways?] .Boys would just walk straight in to girls as if they are going to hug them but move away in the last split moment, which unbelivably brought out ‘giggles’ from majority of the girls which certainly increased the level of testostrones in many hoodlums. There were certain antics such as a boy holding his erected penis brought out the best blushes of a teenaged girl . Then there were others probably 10 or 12 years old using the benifit of their innocent age[?] rubbing themselves to anything that looked like a woman. In short it was chaos in the name of festivities .
The car dispalyed in fron of Virgin was guarded by four men in each Corner just to avoid any scrathces to the car. but the worst was some boys pushed the kiosk of Tissot and the Kiosk fell with a loud bang spilling all the darn expensive watches on the floor , luckily all the watches fell underneath the cupboard and no one could steal them as it was immidietly guraded by the security of the Mall. This was all on First Day of the Eid , The second day was more toned as most of the security was back from thier day off , Insider news was the mall management insisted on all shops including the restaraunts to close by 11PM to avoid more chaos in the name new year celebrations.
But it was fun , it was just like the day next to the raging river , Thank God ! i was not dragged in to the river.

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