Alice Teacher & Boja

I grew up in a Village . It was the year 1984 , i was in the second standard we had a teacher her name was Alice , She was a good teacher respected by all, she had even taught my Mother and her brothers . Ms Alice taught us everything from science , Maths to Catechism. She must be dead now or may be alive since i haven’t been to my village in last 13 years . Of all the many good things she must have taught us i remember her for one horrific incident which has been moulded in to my memory and i cant seem to forget it. There was this boy named Boja . He was of the “scheduled cast” a fancy word to describe the low cast . Which in plain English means an “Untouchable” . He was of the tribe called “Koraga’s” one of the aboriginal tribes in my Village . It must have been a great thing in his tribe that this Boy was able to go to school. He was good at studies as well , so Alice teacher made him the “class leader’ for that month . What i am about to write next , some people may think absurd some may think made up , but this really happened . One day we were at school . During the period some one farted ,[ with a silencer ] and the stench was intolerable . Everyone was laughing which was against Ms Alice’s rule. “Who farted ? she started shouting . No one took responsibility because she would hit on the palm with the cane. After a while again there was this stench this time made us more miserable and we started to giggle . Alice teacher was furious and she did the unimaginable step which will never erase from my memory as long as i live. She called the Untouchable class leader and asked him to “sniff everyone ass and find out who farted” ………………………….. I don’t know for sure what this 7year old must have thought in his mind , He did as she asked him to with out a word , but couldn’t catch the one who farted , because by the time he finsihed sniffing 60 asses the air had cleared. Boja left school after a while , i never heard from him or saw him ever again. Alice teacher retired after some years with a grand send off ‘ function .

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