Eureka …. Sucks !!

Finally ! I decieded to buy a mobile. Though i had previously decided not to buy a Mobile Phone unless and untill the last phone is discoverd and the scientist thought there is nothing further they can do with mobile phones .Anyways ! did some reasearch on the net . Liked the Sony Ericsson W810i and went hunting for it. Sadly Kuwait is full of Nokia’s and Just Nokia’s.
Good old Alganim was offering the Mobile at 105.750 , Still I thought of Going to Eureka ! , First the Service is totally disappointing , there is no respect for an Hindi even if he is loaded with cash. Salesman was yapping with the fellow Lebenese , Just asked how much Sir?
HE replied 115/- .. I turned around looked at the board reading “Lowest Prices all year long” and said but you promise the lowest prices all through the year?
He said “Oh No ! The mobile phones are not included !”
That was a shocker . I replied But Alganim is selling the same mobile for 106. He was visibly upset because i was there disturbing his ‘girgir’ . No Baisaab ! Alganim is selling it without speaker phones . Then he continued to ‘Girgir’ as if the “baisaab’ vanished . Anyway ! after this attitude even i didnt want to buy at Eureka and i went staright to Alganim and bought the mobile because the Philli salesman was polite and kind , also there was the speakerphone + They gave me KD5/- coupon. Now Happy Wolf is more than Happy and InsahaAllah soon will be publishing photos from the Den aka Marina Mall.
Eureka … Sucks !

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