Just a minute of your precious time.. Please

Name : Abdul Narayan D’souza
Age : 20 [ i faked my age to get passport so to escape poverty]
Nationality : Bangladeshi , Nepali , Indian [ or any other 3rd world country]
Occupation : Janitor /cleaner
Working hours : 12 hours , sometimes 16 ,
Salary : For 8 hours [KD25] With overtime KD45/-
Savings : nil – after spending 10KD on food for a month [ i.e Two meals and a morning tea] and KD2/- on soap and toothpaste + KD 5/- monthly deduction for Health Insurence , remaining Kd28 are sent home to repay the huge amount of loan that i took by mortgaging my land and house to buy this ‘dream Job’ visa .
Other benefits : I get “one day off” in a month and Air ticket every Five years , Whenever i fall sick i ask for a ‘Panadol’ from the shopkeepers as going to hospital costs more than my 5days salary..
Future : Right now i walk 12 hours of a day , with one hour lunch break, At this rate i shall be walking for the rest of my days till my swollen viens blast ….
Hope : None….. If i ever get to repay my loan back home and probably get a chance to work at the Chabra or Jamaiah meanwhile , where there is a chance to get some tips ! i might think of getting married by the age of 30 [ i.e after 10 years]
The Janitors who work in the malls are the least previledged compared to the others who work outside like roadside or Chabra, if ever you notice one after reading this …. Just give them what ever the coins or change you can ‘afford’ to give . The best gift you can give is if you have ‘any’ old shoes or clothes in ‘good condition’ …. Please give…and be blessed.

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