Random Photos

Green Goblins hummer… makes me hmmm hmmm Its in display opp to Virgin… coool !

Beautiful SAM street .. But who could miss the treadmark pile of garbage opp to Marina mall , Its been there since three weeks now.. Way to go Baladiya ! You make us proud !

Soulk Shalmia… My fav hangout… Unlike Marina… this place is more real

2 comments on “Random Photos

  1. hi it is me from the ktv2 comment.let me quote “… must say KTV2 was of great help for me when me and my family lived in Kuwait.Thinking of those days I remember the purified and the wisely selected range of programmes that helped me and …“can i ask for a favour?i see that you enjoy taking photos.is is possible for you to take a photo of my school where i studied for 4 years?i can`t find any website or any current info about it? i am wondering how it looks,how its condition is.the name of my school is pakistan school of rumeithia.it has been 9 years since i left it.sorry if troubled you.

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