Pakistani School , Rumaithia

Anonymous said…
hi it is me from the ktv2 comment.can i ask for a favour?i see that you enjoy taking is possible for you to take a photo of my school where i studied for 4 years?i can`t find any website or any current info about it? i am wondering how it looks,how its condition is.the name of my school is pakistan school of has been 9 years since i left it.sorry if troubled you.


3 comments on “Pakistani School , Rumaithia

  1. thank are very kind.i screamed when i saw the label at the right hand name is friends used to call me Isra there:)I live in Turkey.I teach English in a primary school.that school is the place which set the base for my would we know it then?thank you so much again for is nice to know there are people who fulfill favours.

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