Chicabonita wrote a blog about ‘musa‘ . The Japanese traditional dance . Which remind me of Yakshagana . I tried in vain to explain to her [ because google wouldn’t allow me to post the correct link] the joy it gave me to remember the good ol days of going to one of these ‘ata‘ [ata means ‘play’ local slang for Yakshagana ] . In villages like the one i grew up rich Hindu landlords sponsored Yakshagana which usually started at sundown and lasted till dawn. The actors were so full of energy one could only imagine a guy dressed up like the one in the picture with such heavy suits and ornaments and crown dance the entire night , not only dance the voice need to be so loud and clear so that everyone heard . Usually in villages the play was held in some rice field after the summer harvest . We as young boys used to sit the entier night and sneak out some time to smoke beedi and eat ‘ice candy’ and local snacks the whole night .

In Yakshagana Hindu epics are told , but we being a non-Hindu would never miss a ‘ata‘ because it was fun and i always would think of my ancestors who lived this culture before we got our culture took over by the Europeans some couple of hundreds years ago.


2 comments on “Yakshagana

  1. Im ok with it…Sometimes when i wake up in the night i scream with fear .. because its hard for me to recognize “Lady Wolf” without makeup… I go “ahhhhhh! Who are you Madam ?”

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