It happens only in India

India is full of crazy things , Watching news [ Sahara news ] is my best ‘timepass ‘ . From Politicians being caught for travelling without a ticket on train to naked tantriks peirce swords accros their penis ….. but a certain Petrol drinking 8 year old is what i would like to remember … probably i should call this as ‘it happens only in India’ .
Kanpur India Feb 07
Petrol is essential to keep an automobile running. But it has become quintessential to the survival of eight-year-old city boy Sajid.Such is Sajid’s addiction to petrol that he loses his temper and becomes restless if he is not served his favourite drink – petrol- at least once a day. Sajid’s craving for petrol can be gauged from the fact that on any given day, he gulps down two to two-and-a-half litres of petrol. This unique feature has earned him the tag of ‘Petrol Boy’…. More

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