Valentines day

Worst Valentines Day ever ! Though i don’t rever St Valentine, Just for the fact that everyone else is doing it i had to .. She is already upset from yesterdays incident at the work place .. Proabably she has to quit… She is not sure what she has to do !
So she woke up with a grumpy face… Finally i was able to persuade her to come with me to ‘Malya’ . Brought her a gold chain and the rose that came free with it.. She wanted a 1KD watch … Which wasn’t working by the time we reached home .. which i think broke the river she was holding back… and she burst in to tears .. I can’t see her this way.. But i had to leave her coz i have to attend work ! I don’t know if she is ok, i haven’t called her… Probably will take her to Dinner tonight if she is ok ! …
Why Valentines days have to be this way ?
By GreY Posted in love

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