Konkan TV

This site is created by a friend of mine . In fact we were the best of friends . Though he was elder to me ,we were like inseparable. Now he is in Canada . I found him after 15years . he called and told me about the project he is doing. Which is really great.Konkan Tv is amazing though its just the begining . Who would have thought that the skinny, beedi puffing dude from a tiny town can do such an amazing job ‘solo’ . Way to go dude ! . For all the heartaches and pains you took for your creativity which did not yield during our college days… But you were still the best at what you did. My Salute to the biggest “Sword snake* among us .
*Swordsnake was the name of the gang , ain’t it cool ?


3 comments on “Konkan TV

  1. who is this ???i know the term “swordsnakes”.. and have managed to get back in touch with a afew of “them”.. i mean “us”… but who are you ?… you seem to be blogging quite a bit.. how could i miss someone who’s been around in the blog circles for so long ??

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