Simple things

She is not working today … But i have to work… I’m being paid OT. So took her to ‘Amman Restaurant” for Breakfast… Both had Masala Dosa’. It kinda reminds me of home …Great Taste….

Then i am off to work … Today i have late shift…. Still not hungry coz the Dosa was stomach filling… So here i am at Texas Chicken at Marina Mall …. Like i said it is one of the simplest things in my life … Just asked for a single peice of Chicken Breast and a Bun.. Just 0.350 Fills… This is what i do usually… This is more stomach filling than eating ‘Shawrma’ [Kurdo sucks anyways] ….
By GreY Posted in life

6 comments on “Simple things

  1. True ! I am on the verge of being officially called as obese !My BMI is almost there..but what’s life without these simple things ? I don’t want to look back after few years and regret for not enjoying while i could !

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