Blame it on the moon

I don’t believe in palmistry or horoscope or any other kind ever since my pastor rebuked the Cherio out of me . Recently i have been dogged by one observation . People go nuts during full moon , nuts go nuttier…. I have been watching numerous fist fights at M mall during last few days ! . back in the days ‘Baba Wolf’ always believd in the effects of full moon and has been blaming the ‘mama wolf’s ‘ behavior on the moon where as she has been blaming his gluttony on the moon too. I’ve been acting like the cat in the cage for the last two days for few minor things that have been falling apart as if the world is going to end…and ‘Lady wolf’ asked Whats wrong? and i replied i think ‘i’m having moon fever” . So ! my dear readers if you see people acting crazy or driving dangerously or get agitatated at the slightest mattter for the next two days… Blame it on the moon .

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