Whats going on with me in last two days !
1. I think I’m allergic to either gluten or Spinach , I’ve been farting like a Hyena’s laugh !
2. Not everyone thinks that i am good person ! I got eviction notice ….
3. I saw the movies Alpha Dog ! Been emotional since then…I hate you Justin…..
4. Saw “Traffic Signal” laughed so bad ! i think i must have dropped my balls somewhere..
5.I’ve been playing with a Burkina Faso dude over some inheritance scam..
6.I’ve been not sleeping well. Wifey has told not to wander near Kuwait Zoo , CZ they might think I’m a escaped panda , so big are the black circles around my eyes…
7.I downloaded “Electric Youth ” by Debbie Gibson ! I swear ! it must be that sleeplessness thing.
8.I think i am addicted to MBC 4 – Biggest loser’& So you think you can dance’….
9.Spent my morning “Commando” at work… that’s what happens when i am lazy to do laundry…
10. Last two days M Mall is dead ! Work is just ‘timepass‘… Some times i feel I’m being paid for blogging at work..

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