Al Bahar Mall – Hawalli

Al Bahar Centre in Hawally, Kuwait,  one of the best upcoming malls in Kuwait. Usually every mall that we visit it’s same shit different smell, But Al Bahar Mall is Unique in it’s brands which are not available elsewhere. The sad part is, I couldn’t see much crowd in here. Probably they should open a bigger food court.

The Mantra is Bigger the food-court… bigger the crowd…

8 comments on “Al Bahar Mall – Hawalli

  1. I have not been to that mall yet but I have heard that the place is great but the majority of the stores there appeal to the female market! Is that a fact? Are most if not all the stores there for women? Just a question!

  2. That’s true… but all malls are female oriented … there are few shops for men… i can recall wrangler, human , mavi etc etc . thing is Sharq/Fanar/Marina/Kout have same stores … here it’s something new…

  3. It has an uncanny resemblance to Mohallab Mall, or maybe it’s just a Hawally thing.We used to kinda like going out to shop in Hawally back in the days when Hawally and Nugra were heavily infested with Palestinians and Jordanians. Overall, shops in Kuwait certainly had more class to them than now.

  4. Truth be told, if you look at the retail scene in Kuwait it is split down the middle with the Al Shayas taking one half of the populist franchise cake with the other half going to the Al Tayers. There are few if any, other players operating here in stark contrast with the Emirates or KSA. Further and more, in Kuwait every which way you look there are stores that carry ladies handbags, ladies shoes, ladies dresses and more stores carrying some more of the same. Oh yeah, it’s either that, or opticians of which there is no dearth in Kwt.Shopping for the home and for furniture is so dry in Kuwait that I am actually beginning to miss my time in Saudi with the fabulous variety and quality on offer there.

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