The best ice cream in town ! when ever you are here in Marina Mall … Make sure that you get a bite of Morelli’s* … Tastes like ‘dew from heaven’ . Scoop is 0.750 fills but much better than Baskin Robbins ….

*This one is between Gamewhizz / Second Cup


7 comments on “Morelli’s

  1. Looks yummy!! How do you know ice creams and chocolates are my weakness!! Now I will not be able to rest till I have some..u..u…(not saying anything),LOL…

  2. Whoa!don’t know what to say – I am stumped by a lack of political correctness implicit in the accompanying picture. For crying out loud; Jesus this is an Islamic country! Were the ladies in the background consented before you actually shot a picture of them?? 🙂 :)Seriously,Mr Wolf, you could get into a lot of Ice Cream trouble over this in the ultra-liberal Caliphate which Kuwait is today.wink.PeacePS: Bye the bye, I also think Kuwait is now ripe for a ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ and a ‘Naturals Ice cream of Juhu Vile Parle.’

  3. Mrs PAWS !You wrote “Jesus this is an Islamic Country ” :}Anyways …dear ! Those lady’s are my friends buying Ice cream for me actually ! so they were consulted !Thats for the records !!Wow! Ben& Jerry is here?

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