Next time when you travel to Lenden or Amreeka … and want to buy your self a fancy shoe or Hand Bag or A Leather Jacket …please ask the salesman what leather it is made off..CZ if you believe in haram and Halal … you need to know what product you are buying…

But good brands such as Adidas , Hush Puppies , Puma [ Pigskin products as seen in the picture ] and other Major brands are honest about even the tiniest detail of their product and what material they are made of . So far there had been no pigskin products in the Middle east. Brand Managers and companies are very careful in selecting their product by which peoples religious sentiments are not hurt . Only western countries and south east Asian countries are opting for cheap but high quality pigskin .. So i say once again… this is not happening in Middle east specially not in Kuwait… in case if you are shopping somewhere in Lenden or Amreeka … JUST ASK … Happy shopping

[ mishmisha .. this is the original post which i deleted cz i got scared that i might start a riot muhahahaha]


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