World Cup Cricket

ICC worldCup Cricket 2007 … just began today ! My best wishes to team India and any team who plays against Australia …..

Edit : here is a link for all those non believers [ link ]


7 comments on “World Cup Cricket

  1. May INDIA win the world cup!! BEST WISHES TO THE INDIAN TEAM!! Rahul Dravid & Co., you guys can do it. Last time, India won in 1983 when the world cup was held in West Indies… This time also the venue is West Indies…Will we be lucky this time??

  2. spontaneousnessity ….Yep ! there is one… and i believe its the third most viewd sport on planet earth… after Worldcup football and The olympicsSene dear ! Indian won the worldcup in 83.. it was played in England … against WI … And it’s not about the luck …it’s match fixing dear ! muhahahaa

  3. I cannot seem able to decide whom I do not want to win more : the Aussies or the Brits.Having said that I still maintain Australian men to be the sexiest men around on the planet; their gauche behaviour toward all ” ajnabees” regardless.

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