My First Ray-Ban

March 2001: Just lost everything I had. All my money was gone, lost my job. My Kafeel who was also my partner was asking KD400 for one years residence which expired on 28th Feb. I refused to pay because I don’t have any money, he was a good fellow so asked me to find a new Kafeel … I agreed but there was no sign of job. Finally I remembered God and thought of paying Him a visit at the Kaneesa. But couldn’t go because cop stopped me to check my Bataka, while I was pretending to take my wallet out he turned back to look at the Kabayan. I ran…holding my dear life in hand. Ran in to Salhiya complex. Hid there for a while … took a cab and went home … Next one month was like solitary confinement in my studio apartment… I was desperate and broke and there is no sign of improvement… There was an ex-customer who has promised job in his company. Starting salary KD120… I was so desperate for money and residence … I have given my passport to him to stamp residence… Meanwhile I was thinking of borrowing KD1 from my no good uncle to buy a International telephone card and thinking of breaking up my 5 years “love affair” with my fiancée over the phone because of my financial conditions.. But the bugger wouldn’t lend me money….. Finally I got a job and things turn out to be good…Didn’t break up with the love of my life either…


March 2007: I am happily married to the girl who stood by me in my difficulties … I have a nice job. Not the topnotch but I enjoy my work … Today I went to Hassan’s to buy me a pair of sunglasses because I got an increment.. The glasses were marked 50% off, from KD 40 to KD 20….but while I was buying I had this flashback… sad….tears!!!! .. Took a while to get my self back and Said a small prayer to the One Above ‘GOD , I’m no stranger to losing all and having it all back… if you think I am not worth it, please take it back…but meanwhile thank you for the Ray-Ban ‘


8 comments on “My First Ray-Ban

  1. Hey, Very beautiful and very touching!!May God bless you with everything!! Just don’t forget him. Thank him for all small to big things….

  2. Thank you guys ! Isn’t life is what happens when we are making other plans…Anonymous ,Esh ,Enigma ,Outlaw , Sene … Thanks for the wishes Esh— InshaAllah Rolex 4 next Incement… [may be a secondhand but Rolex indeed !!!]

  3. Your story is not something new for me. Me too had a life of hardship in Kuwait. By ‎the grace of God and prayers of my mother, today ma doing well in Kuwait, got ‎married and blessed with a cute baby girl. While appreciating your spirit, I ‎congratulate your wife for giving you all support during your hardship. May the God ‎Jesus Christ and Mother Mary bless you and your family. ‎

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