Fashion statements

Marina Mall is a wonderful place if you are looking for fun…Specially on Wednesday evening when it’s “testosterone madness” everywhere.. You can see all kinds of fashion statements being made.. from electrocuted hair to Buns that look like a hidden rocket launcher… But i have never seen the latest fashion statement..Ever !!!… See the top picture that’s a “bedroom slip on” which means you wear it only at home !!!…. But this dude wants to revolutionize the current trend by wearing them to Marina Mall…. But WTF it’s written Le Meridian on it……..[this post sucks! but i got to remember this ]


14 comments on “Fashion statements

  1. LOLok i dont really think he was trying to make a fashion could be an accident .. u know lost his shoes, and thats the only thing that was available some how!or maybe hes just an idiot ;p

  2. Hehehe – OMG!!But at the end of the day, live and let live! For all you know this may be another freak craze from L.A. to have hit Q8. I’d be more aghast if I saw any Kuwaiti tai tai, in Salhiya Complex wearing those.It’s all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, my dear

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