Random Blabber

I’m Bored… I’m not cut out for all that serious talk like i did on PAWS… So here i am in my true colors… A shop in Souk Salmiya is selling all shoes [ rexin of course ] for KD 1 .. And i found this shoes with enormous heel..which i call ‘mother of all heels’ just for a Dinar..

Finally , Marina Street has seen the “light of Tar”.. As i was on my way to ‘dawam‘ they were doing the hard work…now y’all can zoom like a rocket here..

In other new a watch shop in “MM” is for sale ..its hardly 50 Sq mt but asking price is 200 thousand KD…[Lets say ” No time”] …

A Salesman at a German Sports Brand was trashed by four youth because he didn’t respond well when they complimented him with “K-summak‘…

In other news a shop manager for a French brand at MM..[say- Come you !] was mugged near Salmiya Kadeem‘ and punched in the face and left unconscious for a day … [ this is very very old new ]

India lost to Bangladesh in the cricket world cup but Indian fans are consoled after knowing the “even worst defeat of arch rival Pakistan at the Hands of newcomers Ireland…
BREAKING NEWS : 11.30 am MM …Now i have seen it all… the day isn’t boring anymore. I saw a “cat fight” near the bridge.. Two school girls in uniform were seen thrashing each other and thier ‘boy friends’ watched helplessly.. so did all the shop keepers …. finally one of the boy friends stepped up and pulled his ‘cat’ away . This way i have realized that unlike in porno movies not all the cat fight end up in steamy ‘lesbinim’ scene…. [ my dreams are shatterd ]

Thatsit for today


4 comments on “Random Blabber

  1. 1- looool reminds me of the spice girls era.. *shudders* i didnt know they were making a comeback!2- wats up with youth and their filthy mouths! man we need better security everywhere! especailly in MM, first the dad now the shop keeper. And there should me a guy that washes these filthy creatures mouths with soap!3- it sounds more like NYC than kuwait everyday!4-hard luck on the game5- looool, too cool for school these girls huh!i wonder what they were fighting aboutand i hope their parents catch em!

  2. What heels, man!! I wear heels, but this much, nooo…Believe it or not, after the India – Bangladesh match, one cleaner in DH’s workplace came and said “Bangla Zindabad…India Khalli-Balli”. DH was not amused..He got real angry, LOL! The Bengali cleaner in my office also came with a big smiles on his face….And he was smiling throughout the whole day. And the Pak guy in my office was all down, LOL!!

  3. True ! our Bangali cleaner is proud… he should be ! They deserve to be proud cz they play with heart not for moneylol ! i was worried how to showface to my Pak coleauges ..but now we all are sad because of the death of Bob woolmer.. the Pak Coach…who died of an heart attck after the disgraceful defeat at the hands of Ireland.

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