Countdown to extinction

Every day that has come to an end means one less day to live… I mean.. we are moving towards the end… I wish ‘time’ was my friend and as token of appreciation would stop for me once in a while or may be turn back the clock sometimes…..
Everyday that’s over tells me of things i wasn’t able to accomplish…
Everyday that has been history tells me that i should think wiser and leave that kid inside me and move ahead …more wiser….
Everyday that is finished tells me that …… you are not as strong as used to be or as smart as you used to be… when you get older, stronger and smarter people will over run you.. don’t lose the race…
Every day that has come to an end tells me …’All good things must come to an end’ while you are here be good and do good … because when it all will be over all you leave behind is your good name…
Countdown has began

3 comments on “Countdown to extinction

  1. that is so depressing!never let the child in u grow upjust livebe happy that ur healthyenjoy each daybe nice to ppland let the end be the enddont think abt it

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