Men are from Marsh !

They say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus… I don’t know about women but not all the men are from Mars.. some are from Marsh .. swamp.. gutter..
This guy who works in my office is from the land of ‘Xerxes’…He is in a higher position.. This guy takes great pride in bragging about his sexual exploits with his wife … one of his favourite ‘tales’ is about ‘her’ first night.. He tells every gory detail of that night and there are ‘ass lickers’ in my office who listen so intently to his stories which makes ‘Xerxes’ get even wilder and tell other stories about her….. Disgusting to know about someones sexual habits…but it’s so loud ! that can’t help but hear…

Recently she came here from ‘Xerxes land’ on Visit visa… She had come to the office…she is such a wonderful woman… Good at talking… but i felt very guilty .. i can try, but i cant get rid of her stories from her head while she is talking to me …. she must be thinking that i am some kind of ‘sick bastard’ who doesn’t look in the eye during a conversation….I feel like dying..just want her to finish so i can get the hell out of there… I want to tell her what kind of moron she has married… I can see other colleagues giggling… and she hasn’t got a clue..
Why ? Why? Why ? Why can’t all men be from Mars….

4 comments on “Men are from Marsh !

  1. Dont feel too bad about ur gender.. there’s some women from hmmm Ur’anus’…. ;P I was once out with two ladies who’s husbands were classmates of mine.. and i did not appreciate the sex endevors i had to endure listening to… on my birthday.. Its probably a worse situation in ur case since it is ure boss… in my case i pulled over on the highway and threatened that if one more word is mentioned regarding this i’m leaving them in the middle of nowhere…

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