Life without TV

I’m upset , Okkota , Naraz , Zalan… I’m have been deprived of TV for last three days.. My 21inch F##kin ‘Wansa’ broke down ..and i haven’t had time to fix because all that shifting flat stuff… i threw it in Alganim ‘Worsha’ [ workshop ] and they are charging me friggin 15Kd for fixin it…WTF..27KD tv costs 15kd fixin? Am i not the dumbest ass on this planet… had i coughed up few more buck i could have got me a better “made as Almania’ tv from The Sultan… anyways , ….Every thing around me is breaking down, that includes my Tv and the Kettle ..even worse situation at the coffee shop !! I walked in to a “Dunkin donuts” and ask for a coffee..frigging machine broke down in front of my eyes and i had to settle for yucky tea instead…. I believe i have super powers !!!.. i can break anything by “just a look”,….. i should call myself ‘broken man or breaking man or break man”..whatever… i will ask my wife tonight…in fact ! she’s also breaking me over a stupid toilet seat….. Life sucks…why can’t everyday be a birthday where people are real nice to you and forgive silly mistakes you make…
I wonder should “broken man” have the powers to fly or use jet fuelled bicycle?
Verdict : Life sucks without TV…

7 comments on “Life without TV

  1. Broken man, how sad. My DVD player has gone for a toss for the last few days. We are not going to repair it. We are planning to buy a new one. Why?? Repairing charges – KD 10/-. A new DVD player price range – KD 12 – KD 100/-. So gadgets instead of repairing, go and buy a new one. That’s best…Good luck!!

  2. i was reading your previous posts.. and i want to comment about something .. why are you always mentioning the alshaya co? are you jealous? So what if they owned Hotels, shops, resturants? that doesnt mean you have to trash them! 3/4 of ur posts are talking about the alshaya company .. they own everything in kuwait GET OVER IT !!! yeah and they own 50 percent of avenues so why would they place their competiters???!! I repeat GET OVER IT !!

  3. I don’t give a Spuck about Al Shaya Co… I repeat I DON”T GIVE A SPUCK… They can open as many Starbox as they can like bakala in every street, i don’t give a spuck.. They can close Tommy Hilfigure and open river island instead ..still i don’t give a spuck…They can kill all the good brands and deny chance to other good brands ,,I DON”T GIVE A DIME.. because i am over it man ! SPUCK THEM ..I AM OVER IT

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