The Brown Man’s Burden

I was on my way to ‘dawam’….Just as i was planning to take a right turn near my home i saw cops ! Shiiiiit.. i am already running late, so tried to go straight. The cop took a notice and yelled “Taal, Taal ya Hamar… “. and as a Hamar i went to him and gave him my ‘Bataka’ and i was let go… Meanwhile another hapless ‘hamar’ was called, who like me ,was trying to go straight.
He came near and said to the cop ‘Naam Baba”… Muhahahaha i laughed in my head.. The cop is barely 20 years old and the ‘Hindi’ is calling him ‘baba'[ father]… i hate f#ckin Indians calling Every Arab they meet “baba or Mama” .. ..
anyways it opend my pandora’s box of memories.. Once upon a time.. long long ago when i was working as a out door salesman for a ‘Mukiyaj Co’ [cosmetic co] in Fahaheel i had to use the KPTC bus for transport. I used to get so exausted by walking the moment im in the bus i am fast asleep.. one day i was asleep as ususal and i got a hard tap on my back and i woke up and saw a dude ,thinking that its the TC i gave him my ticket… and the voice thunderd ” Thalla Bataka ya Hamar”…ooops ! its a cop in Civil dress. I followed orders , once the cop left all the passengers in the bus had a hearty laugh…

There was another time i was stopped .. and i was having some rough times then and i was in a ‘mafi mukh’ state and by mistake i gave the cop my K-Net card instead of the ‘Bataka’.. the cops was nice men they laughed out loud and then asked me for the ‘rakam sarri’…

There are lot of illeagals in the country… too many crimes because of “Bangali, Irani Hindi , Bakistani’s “Certainly there is a ‘urgent’ need for checking for a while ..but where is the hospitality? It will be lot easier if the ‘Wazara’ kept a record of people who don’t have ‘iqama’ and knock on the ‘kafeel’s door , fine him for not stamping the residence instead stop every Legal ” hamar , hywana & Kelb” on the road.

Edit : i changed the title from The Ajnabi’s Burden to The Brown Mans burden

9 comments on “The Brown Man’s Burden

  1. I feel for you; really I do. Even if you happen to be an illegal alien living in Kuwait that does not bloody well give anyone let alone the shurta the right to humiliate you by addressing you as ‘hamar’ period.Such and other viler incidents are a commonplace at immigrations and departures that you’d think people indeed, grow very thick skins living in Kuwait to sit still for such utter tosh happening all the time every time.

  2. Leandro : i’m waiting to read some of your stuff too..Anon : Yep ! Isn’t that easy?Esh: Can’t blame all of them…. but hope for the bestAPH: You make me laugh with all the funny names you come up with . BTW i have 2years Iqama… Thick skin ? yeah .. after so many years here it’s thicker than the Hamar.

  3. I think in general the police officer’s treatment is not solely reserved for ‘brown skinned’ foreigners. I’ve seen Kuwaiti men get treated pretty bad too for no apparent reason than being in a car with a girl.. who ends up being their sister or wife (young newlyweds esp). I have been in more than one situation where the police officer literally hurled a loogie at my brother thinking i was his girlfriend! The sad thing is YOU CAN SO TELL WE’RE BROTHER AND SISTER! Also as a female driving in kuwait, I have almost been run off the road by police officers trying to intimidate me for no reason. Its just abuse of power. I think they need better cop schools in kuwait… especially the people skills part.

  4. RBW : that’s new to me , i never heard Q80’s treated badly as well ! I’m so sorry it happend to you ! I once saw a cop shouting in the micophone in his car ‘harrak sayyara ya hamar’ for not giving him space to cross the red light..NiQa : Good quote, but i think i’l be in jail for abusing ‘man in uniform’

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