Bored blogger & 6.5 Seconds

I’ve been ass invaded… I’ve been so busy for the last two days ..didn’t have enough time to blog.. more over i have been so blank don’t even have a topic… life has become so routine nothing special is happening…

New goods arrived and we been working ceaseless to finish the display before 10pm.. and so we did.. Just then two boys entered… barely 14 or less… first one went inside and tried a ‘hafar‘.. put it back…. second one who is really tiny.. took 2 t-shirts a XL and a XXL… and we are just watching …. i sensed trouble so i stood near the door ..just in case …. dude comes out after few minutes … hangs back ‘one’ t-shirt and both say ‘shukran‘ and are leaving… i shut the door.. i can see the boy’s face start to sweat… ‘Shatta‘ my colleague came and thundered in masri ‘ you will put it back or i will call the security’…… the elder boy start to slap the tiny .. hamar…gawwad..etc etc….as if he wasn’t aware…. and ‘tiny’ took out the tee out of many from his bag.looked like they were on a roll stealing from many shops…… ‘Shatta‘ thundered again..’ if we ever see your face here again… blah blah blah…..’
We let them go…. cz we are so tired today … don’t have any more patience or strength to run around…. lucky bastard… lives to steal another day another place….
Meanwhile MM has started ad campaign against smoking …. the poster on the bin said… “Please don’t throw cigarette buds on the floor the cockroaches are getting cancer’ … finally someone cares about cockroach’s who are dieing every 6.5 seconds somewhere …..
Does this mean i can’t call the pest control anymore ?

6 comments on “Bored blogger & 6.5 Seconds

  1. my godtiny boys stealing!u should have so called the cops on themand maybe theyll get their parentscz i dont think their parents know their kids are theives (or so i hope)man..and loooolroaches? really?couldnt think of anything better?

  2. We would have called the cops …but last time we had caught two thieves on Eid day.. when the fiasco was going on suddenly passer by hoodlums who had nothing to do with the matter beat the crap out of us cz the boys were locals… so wisdom prevailed this time and we let them go …Yeah ! roaches ! awkwardly funny isn’t it ?

  3. If i was you, i would give him options:1) call the cops or security on him and fine himOR2) Work for u for a certain time duration and make him wear a designed t-shirt by you, written on it “I stole this shirt from *ur store’s name* and I recommend for all to go shop there” ;)Free Advertisement 😀

  4. As salaam alaikum.I am a Canadian Muslim writer — I just happened to surf onto your site today.Come by my blog insha’Allah if you have an interest in poetry, reflections, fiction etc…Ma’as salaama,nuh ibn

  5. Can’t believe small boys stealing.. I feel you should have atleast called their parents and told them what their kids are up to. Maybe they would ahve set thses kids right!!”Please don’t throw cigarette buds on the floor the cockroaches are getting cancer’ Really funny….

  6. howahkan : thats a brilliant idea…i think next time we will do the same !! welcome to my blogNizg : Thanks ! i will surely visit your blog sir!Sene : I think the times are changing…. yeah ! really funny ad !

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