Memory Lane – revisited

Prologue : I was reading Extinct Dodo’s blog.. about memory lane .. Thought for a moment what if i wrote my story.. i am not good at writing , but i think i should give it a try… But I’m going to go in details because there so much to write ..

Chapter 1 : Born among Wolves

I “Grey fort Happy Wolf” was born 1974 . My Pa was a Photographer and Ma was a Nurse. She worked at the Govt Hospital. ‘Pa wolf’ was[is] a Chronic drinker, he always blamed it on his childhood , his mom died when he was 6 months old, his twin sister died when he was 5, He grew up with his brothers who mistreated him and left him at a bus stop because they didn’t want the burden anymore ,it happened on day he passed his 10Th. We, i.e me and my elder sister have been told this story a million times , how he was a ‘self made man’. Well ! to an extent he is. Not many 15 year old will last long if left at a bus stop with nothing but the clothes you wear and two rupees. Anyways not losing the track i am not here to write about Pa Wolf…
Ma Wolf is a Very nice woman , last year when i met her she cried to me in private how her whole life got wasted because of Pa wolf . I cried with her because i know the pains she took to raise us . Despite being a chronic Asthma patient she worked hard , first of every month Pa would go to pick her up from the hospital , in other words she had to surrender her salary in his hands to escape beatings. Pa wolf drank whiskey so much sometime some rickshaw driver who knew him would pick him up from some drainage and bring home in the middle of the night. I am correct 60% of her entire life’s salary he spent on booze . But she loved us , more than anything else in the world. She would always tell us not to fall in love . She would say how her life got wasted because she met Pa Wolf . who was admitted in the hospital of burn wounds. Some one had thrown hot water on him and he would end up in the hospital , met Ma Wolf and against Grand Mothers will they ‘ran away’ and got married . But She always regretted for marrying him…even this day she does..
Everyone has first memories of their parents, i bet you too ! and you cherish it for the rest of your life , how good and kind they were . Well my first memories of my parents is of a fight between my Parents !!! where Pa wolf beat the crap out of Ma Wolf with a broom stick… the reason ? We were naughty , very naughty when Pa wolf wasn’t around , Me and my sister always fought . When ever we were out of control Ma wolf would beat us with a broom very gently [ which is made of coconut leaf ]…So my sister must have complained to Pa wolf out of anger, and in turn he beat her savagely.. which in fact becomes my first memory . I must be 3 years old…
Pa Wolf despised me for some reason , he never liked me from the day i was born , he wanted to name me as ‘ Drunk Wolf ” , as a symbol of his drunkenness., but a cousin of mine chose ‘ Grey fort Happy wolf” which was agreed by other family members [ God bless them ] . After many years i never used ‘Grey fort’ because it was so irritating , friends would always tease me to tears . Thus my passport reads just ” Happy Wolf” …. To be continued

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5 comments on “Memory Lane – revisited

  1. First of all, I applaud you for taking the courage to share your story.”Pa wolf’ was[is] a Chronic drinker, he always blamed it on his childhood”. I often wondered to what extent we can blame or thank the we turn out on the environment we grew up in. You deserve a pat on your back for being able to break the chain Happy wolf.Looking forward to the rest fo the story.

  2. Thanks Magic.. I thank you for taking time to read about my lifeAnonymous : Thanks as well ! your comments are well taken… since it’s MY BLOG i reserve all rights…. I wish you were bold like me ! even to say your name at least.. No offence !

  3. It’s a shame that your memory is that of violence..It’s a shame growing up you had to go through those ordeals..Nobody knows why we are chosen to live in the life that we are placed in or why some have it worse than others. But, the one thing that we do know is that things happen for a reason and it is our job to make a difference from what we learn..I know it was probably hard for you to revisit the past, nobody wants to remember bad memories, yet you survived it! Now, you have a choice of making a difference 🙂

  4. Anonymous : Thanks as well ! your comments are well taken… since it’s MY BLOG i reserve all rights…. I AGREE. IT IS YOUR BLOG YOUR LIFE, YOUR FATE……GO TO HELL….I wish you were bold like me ! even to say your name at least.. WHAT IS YOUR NAME HAPPY WOLF?. LOLZ… FOR YOUR SATISFACTION MY NAME IS UNHAPPY WOLF.

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