Bad luck ?

I’m tired . I’ve been working non stop since 1995 . Even the vacations that i take once in two years and the Day offs that i have every week are even more hectic than the working days. Sometimes when i get up i can literally feel the blood rushing to my feet with pin prick pain .Every nookl and corner of my body aches …Ouch !! My knee caps are worn out to paper thin i guess. In short i am a wreck ! So i said to my wife ‘ I’ so tired and life is so hectic i think i should take a self induced coma for few days ” and her face changed … she said some years ago her mother had said the same words and met with an accident . She was hospitalized for 2 months with multiple fractures …. Do you think the words you say can be your doom ? If so i think I’m a goner !!! I’m scared !!

6 comments on “Bad luck ?

  1. Just be more optimistic and positive,, there is nothing called BAD LUCK!!! it just stupid think we beleive in where it become pessimist!Cheer up,, you’ll be okay.. and ask ur wife not to beleive in such thing!! don’t be so negative 🙂

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