Cheap Bastard !

So !!! You can call me a scavenger if you will , i look for the cheapest thing out there ! May be its in the blood ! BTW not every one can buy from Va Va Voom , in other words not everyone wishes to buy from va va Voom [ BTW have you seen VVV in Avenues ? It’s darn beautiful..] So , i went up to City Centre in Salmiya Souk ! and scavenged on cheap perfumes , each cost me just 0.575 fills .

This time i’m gonna buy a bulk of these when i go vacation for ‘ stranger relatives ‘ who come only to grab ‘foriegn stuff’ when i visit home . Ahh! those cheap Bastards….
Anyways i bought a brush and it read Morbido …. i was kinda taken back duh! Uhhh!!!! Then i checked “Babel Fish”… it says Morbido in Italian means “Soft”….
I’m relieved ! it’s not a sign of my end time or something ,i’m cool , i’m not brushing my teeth to become Morbid !!!
****Oh BTW… This post Sucks ! *****

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