A hunt for Banath

I hate Sunday Shift, i get a crappy break between 12Pm to 3Pm , there is not enough time to eat or take rest.. i mean just when i enter that sweet sleep the alarm rings and i have to rush to MM..
So !! the rest of my colleagues are gone home on break… I’m alone and i can’t stop yawning ! *Yawn *Yawn *!
SalamAlaikum” it’s loud and clear like a drum beat
*Yawn* ” Alaikum Salam” and Smile like we have been programmed to do at each Tom Dick and Amannie that enters the shop.. … [ these are not customers but gypsy’s of MM]
FM99.7 is playing some “spucky” Techno song and the dude is walking but dancing.. it’s a kinda traditional Arab move with a mixture of MC Hammer…
”Ya Tayyab ! andhi sawal” [ i have a question]
I said with a wider grin ‘ Faddal ya Ustaz’
Shoo rayek? “
I said ‘about what ?”
He takes one step back and presents himself with a hand move and asks again ” Shoo rayek?”
I blinked harder CZ i need to wake up ! And holy mother of Givenchy … WTF….he is a walking brand ambassador for so many brands.. i mean white Adidas Superstar shoes , NEXT socks , the pant tight as a tube , may be Diesel , and a belt with a huge billboard that can be read from a mile away says “Givenchy” … and a flashy shirt.. and the greasy electrocuted hair , with the sun glass that puts Spider man to shame…
I’m in a shock state for two things 1. I can’t believe what I’m seeing
2. Who the F#ck are you and why are you here and why me [leave me alone]?
Though at customer training programme they have never prepared us to deal with this kind of situation… i replied with a serious tone ‘ ufff , Mashaallah! helu ,Waeeed helu,
Ahlif?”… WTF first you invade my boredom and now you want me to swear !!!
“Walla , Inte elyoum Miya Miya, Walla”.. [ i’m goin to hell for sure now]
The music is shifting to faster beat and the dude does his ‘moonwalk’ and is leaving…..screeeech ! comes back from the door and asks again ‘Walla , Will the banath like me ?”
I speachless again.. think a lie, think a lie faster….
“Walla , Before you go home tonight you will take one of those banayya with you for sure , Walla !!”
I just saw the dude again, he waved at me, i guess we are best friends now, if not he surely thinks i am his ‘fashion counselor’. this ain’t over yet !

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