Memory Lane – Revisted 3

Chapter 3 : Best time of My Life :1982 Me and My sister moved in with our Grand Mother at St Jester [ Named after a Saint who was baked alive by Romans , as in the picture]. It was a much needed relief from the hell of West shire . Grand Ma was good to us , specially she loved me the most . Yet sometimes she would get angry with us and curse the entire wolf family , but she was like a mother to us, so we called her Mother . St Jester is a remote village , even this day there is not much progress , There is a huge mountain , and a river , many small streams and best of all , it’s Jungle everywhere . Grandma was of old generation, she wasn’t educated , though she had a pair of reading glasses she would use it while sleeping. Though there was electricity we didn’t use it much because by 7PM we were fast asleep, [at least grandma made sure that all the days activities were over by 7PM ]. But most of the time there used to be power cuts so we depended on kerosene lamps for studies during school exams.
Three times a day we ate rice , grandma was addicted to fish so we ate fish curry every evening . In the summer we took bath in the open , every home in St Jester had bathrooms in the open during summer . Grandma would collect the fallen leafs from the jungle and made a huge pile of it, on which sometime we would do diving from tree tops , and every evening we would heat water in a big jar made of clay .While heating the water we also would fry cashew nuts . Summer was the best time because there would be fruits all around, hundreds of variety of mango’s and cashew fruits and Jack fruits , not to forget hundreds of wild fruits and berry’s .There was a very deep water well in the compound , Which we had to draw water every day .we never faced water shortage , before the well dried up in the summer it would rain and the well will overflow again .
I hated rains , it would rain non stop from June till September . School was 3KM away from home , and we walked this distance everyday. There was no bus .Rich kids rode bicycle . We used to take Lunch which was rice water and pickle . When it rained heavy the school will declare holiday because teachers feared that the school may collapse . It was a convent school , The Nuns were very strict , they beat the students most of the time for even minor mistakes , but got the best results from us.
My grandma was full of life . She was a brave woman. After her husband died and all the seven children left home for in search of jobs to Bombay and abroad she was staying alone . Now that we had moved in with her she was happy . But she had an ailment , her uterus had come out during her last delivery , since we didn’t have a toilet , we had to take the natures call out in the open, so whenever she sat for urine if we saw the uterus which looked like a big apple , me and my sister would laugh in secret about the ‘apple’ but she never told anyone how much she was suffering. after 30 years in 1990 it was removed . She told us the stories of her life how she killed a dragon lizard and how she would stop the crawling Serpent by reciting a christian prayer backwards . There were plenty of snakes all around . And it became very common to us. We didn’t bother much and the snakes didn’t bother us as well .
So one day i got rashes around my genitals , grandma said that it is the serpent’s curse.. which meant i must have had taken a pee on the Serpents abode unknowingly . So she called the village ‘medicine woman’ . She made some paste from some tree leafs and herbs , i got very sick and got bed ridden .One day they gave me a coconut juice to drink which years later i found out that was mixed with cow’s urine .But the medicine worked . Finally Mom came to visit us , and was shocked to see me in that state and took me to the Town Doctor , i was diagnosed with herpes , but the village medicine had worked well on me and i was fit again.
I was fit and at my best, me and my friends from school did all kind of exploring stuff, if you know “Mowgli from the Jungle book, i bet you , he would have been a amature in front of us . We climbed the highest of the trees , we swam in the rough waters ,we ate the most tasty wild fruits, it was like living in the Garden of Eden , undisturbed .
At St Jester we knew every one , almost everyone was related . Our Neighbour was Donatello family . Mr Don had 8 children , the last one was Lizzy , Now, Mr Don was a born farmer and all he wore was a small piece of cloth just enough to cover his genitals , most of the farmers dressed up that way and that was OK by everyone , So was Lizzy She was a farmer in her own sense , all she wore was a small under garment. That was OK too as she was just 6 year old , just a year younger to me . Mr Don had a small one room house and 8 children , and Lizzy had seen them ‘doin it’ many times . So that became our game , in fact she taught me , she would make me get buck naked and she would drop her one and only underwear and we would wrestle, caress , cuddle , and God know what not , all this happened in the jungle near by where no one saw us . It was kinda eerie CZ i had no idea what in the world she was doing with my ‘thing’ . But i can sure tell now ‘the thing’ enjoyed it too. It went on for months , and one fine day we were caught in the cuddling act and after some embarrassing explaining i had to give i slowly stopped going to their house , but became best friends with one of my classmate ‘Shaky Wolf’ .
The remaining two years were fun at St Jester , we didn’t miss Ma Wolf at all , Sometimes she would visit us just once in a month .She brought tasty fruits from the Hill Station . Our Father never visited us , but we would go sometimes to see him because my sister loved him much . But i hated that trip , and i hated him even more , i guess so did he .
Life was beautiful at it’s best, One of my aunt and a Uncle had become “Kaddama’ in Kuwait and when they came they brought with them ton’s of used clothes of Some “Bader ,Kallud and one Sharook , Though some clothes were sweat shirts we gladly wore them even in the humid summer time.
I was very good at studies , i usually got No 1 rank in my class and i was even more exited that i was going to 5th standard and we had to learn ABC . Everyone was talking about how difficult English language was .. but i was a confidant 9 year old ready to face anything .Little did i know that the best part of my life was nearing an end and we had to move back to West Shire… This time we moved in to a haunted house……………….. To be Continued
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5 comments on “Memory Lane – Revisted 3

  1. Does your wife read your blog? ‎Regarding your hatred towards your Fa wolf, common man after all he is your father ‎and you are his creation. For your information even my father was also a drunker, ‎took little care of his children. However, when he was retired, we arranged daily ‎quota for him at one of the wine shops near to our house. We used to pay monthly for ‎the said quota. ‎

  2. I like reading your stuff man.Keep em coming…! Btw where in India are St.Jester & West shire??? This is the 1st time I’m hearing bout these places…!

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