What is up with me !

Random stuff from MM and beyond !

MM was very very quiet Yesterday! Being Wednesday it’s not the usual hustle and bustle.. where did all the people go ? Oh ! i know !!!! The Avenues !!! I’m not sure what will happen to MM when Mall of Kuwait and 360*Kuwait opens .

BTW whats with this ‘tailing’ your teen aged daughters with a crappy looking Maid wearing bathroom slippers who can’t even keep up the phase with these girls who want to devour anything that looks male’y’ . Parents should hire Kaddama’s who are ex-athletes or marathon runners to tail thier daughters !

True story[ with lil masala] Dude’s shopping ! bought stuff ! meanwhile his bitch called ! he starts to ‘girgir’ and left , just after a minute comes back runnin and pissed ‘ have you seen my phone , i just left it here’ I can hear the bitch laughing her ass off on the other side ! WTF ‘ you are still on the phone and you accuse me of stealing Mothaa fucckka’ .. thats just the voice in my head..

I’m ass invaded … No more day off’s for next two months… life sucks !… but hey i have already planned how to spend my Overtime money !


7 comments on “What is up with me !

  1. you shouldn’t worry about mm.. it seems there isn’t much to do besides walking in shopping malls.. worst comes to worst we’ll send the khadamas your way :p

  2. Deem :MM is Marina Mall , i’m too lazy to call it , so short name. Bu : Keep all that economy aside and do some serious shoipping ! let the kadhama’s go to Mahameed !

  3. Hahahahahah the guy with the phone is an idiot :DI miss MM. Can’t picture it empty on a Wednesday. I am yet too see Avenues and I think all these malls are a waste.as long as you know what you’re doing with your overtime, then working is worth it 😀 Enjoy!

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