Am i evil ?

Lately i have been asking my self , am i evil or am i just being over funny , i.e in modern English … am i a stupid ? I don’t know ! is it just me or everyone talks without thinking once in a while and regret later . As for me i know i have got to put a lid on my mouth …. I know that i am a good guy , i never have wished to harm anyone even in my worst senses…. but the problem lies in my talk…. i hurt the people i love with my talk ,which i think is funny [ but ,is not] , specially my wife… i love her the most …but there are time i speak/joke something with out thinking and regret later…. i’ve gotta change !! Ironically she doesnt want me to change , she is afraid if i tried she might lose the ‘funny side of me’…… I’m confused !

BTW ….bachelor life sucks !! I miss her !


6 comments on “Am i evil ?

  1. I’m sure everyone has said something they have regretted at least once in their life time, all I can tell you is that you should try to make amends the second you realize you hurt someones feelings because it only take seconds to open such profound wounds in them

  2. Chica ! Yeah ! i should make amends immidietly rather than waiting for things to get worstDeem : She will be back on 30th , she wanted to stay back after her dad’s funeral .

  3. My condolences to her…Sorry to hear that! and why haven’t u stay back with her??Just ignore the question its Deem curiosity 😛 And to answer your question! No, u r not an evil u r a LORD.

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