For a few Dinars more !

I once read a book about making money , one of the chapter was about ‘how to make a extra buck other than the salary’ . And the book said even though that amount may be tiny but that will give more satisfaction than the whole months salary . and that’s true. This is a tested and tried formula for me. Today there was an urgent need for an electrician , and we called our regular guy , all he has to do is change the bulbs and take 15KD from the company . And that’s a ridiculously huge amount to be paid for just changing the bulbs . He refused to come due to prior commitments , so i decided to do it myself . And was paid KD15 [ ofcourse i have to share it with mu colleague who was just holding the ladder] . If you have heard stories that in olden days Kuwaiti’s used to pay 5KD for just changing bulbs , it’s not a myth , it still happens .
This story takes me down the memory lane…. those who hate me or those who are prone to depression stop here don’t read any further…
It was 1999 and i was sinking deep in debt , it was nearing 4,000KD in loans . Working 16 hours a day didn’t bring any more money . Friend of mine had called the pest control and they had done a bad job by spraying all over the vessels and everywhere in the kitchen , so he needed a maid to clean his kitchen and he told me he would pay KD5 for the maid . I said i will send some one . Man does many things when he is desperate . So, in my desperation i though why can’t i do the same job ? I need money ! Will my pride hurt ? After much thinking at 11PM i went to my friends house and told him that i couldn’t find anybody but if he paid me i will do it . He was shocked , first he refused , but then he let me do it because he knew how desperate i was, i wasn’t borrowing from him but i was asking for work . I washed all his utensils and cleaned his Kitchen. I finished by 2AM .He paid me KD5 . It meant a lot to me ,I don’t remember if i cried . But My pride was not hurting anymore. Because God had humbled me beyond my imagination . Looking back now i can’t believe myself that i did wash vessels for KD5, it’s like a bad dream, Anyways ! That incident taught me a important lesson for life , ‘ it hurts when you are proud ‘
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3 comments on “For a few Dinars more !

  1. I said it before,, u r a lord!!But why does it hurt to be proud?? thought it feels good, like doing something u never think of, and getting money out of it, even those simple stuff and fixing!!I mean whats wrong with that??

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