Pay it forward

She looked exhausted and tired , she must be back from work , her husband stood outside the bank impatiently for her to finish her banking . I couldn’t help but notice all the emotions on her face , it clearly said ‘ i just want to go home ‘ . Incidentally i have two teller numbers 71 and 76 . I could see she is nervously holding no 97 . She is looking at the board every 30 second if her number flashed . I don’t know why , i just want to pass no 76 to her . It’s a strong desire to do good where as my commonsense telling me ‘shut the spuck up’ why should you care . Though there is nothing in her that i should desire or be attracted to her , she reminds me of some one i know but i can’t recall who ! .
No71 on the board … i went to the cashier and depositing my money. Just out of curiosity turned back and saw . She is still nervous and looking impatiently at the board. Still my commonsense telling ‘don’t care’ . I’m done depositing, just as i was walking out of the door…. i paused!!! Turned back and went to her and said ‘ Sister please take this token , it’s 76’ . Her eyes lit wide open and she smiled in a note that would read ‘thank you’ . A big burden is lifted rom my heart, i feel so warm inside , it’s not that i have done something big , it’s a small favour but i feel so good
Some times its better to listen to your heart than your mind

6 comments on “Pay it forward

  1. Good job… found her exhausted and tired …….because she is SHE and not ‎HE….it is human nature or I would say whenever one’ wife is away, such thoughts ‎and sympathy comes to ones evil mind. How come you didn’t find the same eagerness ‎with other 97 coupon holders??? In fact you helped ONE and cheated 21 customers. ‎May the Devil bless you. ‎

  2. NiQa : Thanks < but taken already..Deem : yes ! must Listen your heart .. esh : thanks for not ‘hit’ on me !Anon : Did you fail to read the part i called her sister ? May the Devil kiss you !Sene : thanks , yeah i really felt good , it’s such a good feeling to ‘pay it forward’

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