Virgin again !

Virgin will open tonight ! Workers were seen removing the ministry stickers and employees were busy arranging the shop .
BTW if Virgin shuts down again , for those hardcore virgin addicts there is a small virgin store in the Airport Mall inside Debenhams !!

7 comments on “Virgin again !

  1. Narrator ! yes it is exiting ! i’m gald they have come back !Esh ! You are missing the big picture , everyone is so pissed at the MOI … i mean 80% according to one survey !

  2. Excellente! Today’s IHT runs an article on French women rushing to clinics to have their virginity restored. By a strange twist of fate, most people here are feeling the same way with the store re-opening today.rush to the Virgin to have your Virginity restored! This is by order!!!

  3. Bu : that hurts ! Yep! i must try to ‘focus’ better ! TCPFH : Man! you make me laugh ! i don’t know where you come up with all these names ! Is there a way men can restore virginity ? Muhahahaha !

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