Once we were rockers and young…

This post is totally personal !
so deleted


5 comments on “Once we were rockers and young…

  1. STW: “woof” personal posts dont get “posted” … once something goes on the web.. it aint personal anymore…try this for instance… google for the term confidential + “internal distribution only”so… the point is… once on the web it aint confidential. nor internal anymore….anyway…. since rock bands like deep purple, GNR etc have been you passion… here’s a google search term that would lead you to the mp3 files that exists out there… not published and personal yet so public 🙂 (u know what i mean)so.. here’s your search query: (just copy paste it in google and voila !!)-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “Deep Purple”replace the term “deep purple” with the name of any band you like and get direct access to the “personal” mp3 files that folks have made “not so personal” by publishing it on the web…

  2. OMG ! Ron , you are not supposed to read this , shooosh !!! Anyways ! i’m glad .. the second year after you finished we had a ball of time … you missed it.. thanks for the download thingy will work my brains on that !

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