Saved by the Belle

Just another boring day… Since Avenues, biz is downhill.. not that it matters but i can’t help yawning during the second shift. So i am laid back and relaxed thinking of spending a million dinars .. some stuff like that..

Enter two girls , probably aged 14 . before i continue i would like to ponder over the fashion . Why all girls in Kuwait dressed up so typical. I mean , flat shoes, tube pants that could barely hold that bulky ass, a tiny shirt worn above the inner which is shoved in every two seconds , and the classic Hijab and Massive sunglasses that covers almost the entire face. I wonder is this some kind of disease or what.. i would call this disease ‘copy cat syndrome’ .
Anyways Back to the story..

Both the girls are blushing to glory and asked me ‘ Andik Buxer ” ? [ do you have boxers?]
Before i could answer two boys come in.. and the best part is sans the hijab even the boys are dressed up in same style… only difference is there is lot of gel dripping …
One of the ‘androgen imbalanced dude’ reminds me of the bull that we had back home… during mating time it would charge at the cow with a huge ‘you know what’ ! . Kinda similar situation here , the dude is all over the smaller girl with a bigger butt, she is smart , she made some blushy faces and slipped outside my shop , leaving the fat one behind…
Now the bull dude is charging towards her and other kid is Manning the door and the girls starts to cry and scream .. ‘yimma yimma‘ …
Now as a shopkeeper it’s my duty to step in… so i did ,
i said to the boys ‘ sweeik inthum? Waqar min baab losamath
And the girl got out , meanwhile i think the boys felt insulted and they came to me and start to breath all over me ‘shino ? shino ?
I’m thinking this is not happening, though they are just boys i will crumble like a cookie if it’s a fight.Because they have out grown thier age, and I need rescue .. i hope some customer comes in …in the corner of my mind i am praying ‘ dear G_D don’t let me get beat up by some kids half my age”..
And i can’t believe my spucking eyes , it’s the fat girl … she can’t locate her tiny friend , in panic she didn’t notice if she went to the right or the left and she has decided to come back to ask the boys if her friend went ‘ isar or yemeen
There is this awkward pin drop silence… even the boys are in a shock.. it’s the same girl who was screaming ‘yimma yimma‘ now asking for direction…
Three of us pointed to the right ,and there is a burst of laugh..even i joined in chorus… i had to…. and the boys walked behind her …
Moral of the story’ unless it’s not a rape scene .. don’t provide the ‘ rescue service’ to any one !
BTW the boys just passed by and smiled at me, i think i have made new friends now !

5 comments on “Saved by the Belle

  1. Several of my collegues have attempted in the past to help ‘damsels in distress’. Unfortunately from their experiences they learned never to offer a helping hand again. It’s sad to see that it’s come to this. I’m glad you didn’t get beat up.

  2. Mish : It was funny, these girls could get us killed !Zahra : yep , i was about to learn that the hard way .. Enigma : :}Esh : I have seen your pic… you are an Angel ! I would never assosiate you among humans :]BTW i never said the girls were Kuwaiti’s … it could be any one ..Forgive me if i hurt you !

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