What Dreams May Come !

I heard a loud BANG ! .It’s an accident ,I ran towards it. Saw a woman sitting on the road in a pool of blood , she was screaming “My legs, My legs” ! I am the first one to reach the accident spot, i can see others come running. I asked her “What Happened? Are you OK?” .She pointed towards the Red Pajero . I could see the car had run in to a telephone booth and destroyed it completely, i guess the lady was in it talking to some one.

I ran towards the car to see if everyone in the car was OK. I saw a man , he was not hurt , but the car caught fire from inside, i screamed ‘get out, get out , danger , danger” He didn’t seem to care.. he took the fire extinguisher and sprayed it on fire. I ran back to the lady again , she is in lot of pain, i told her ‘be strong , everything will be fine’
She said ‘ I don’t care about my legs, it was a very important call”

I’m frantic, i don’t know what to do, more people are there now, but every one is just watching, and the lady is crying in pain. I asked the Pajero Driver to pull over to the side, he drives to the curve, but i have a feeling he is going to take off! SO i scramble to my Mobile phone to take the mug shot, before i could , the guy takes off !
some how i can’t recall what happened next, it all murky as if it was a dream… i think i passed out…..
I woke up in the morning, my wife made coffee , She has the Arab times in her hands, she rolls it up and Smack ! on the head ‘ Whats wrong with you ? You scared me”

I said “eh ? what ?”
She said ‘ You got up at 4am screaming , “get out, get out, danger , danger“. Threw the blanket away and were pulling my leg to see if it’s OK, then you went back to sleep as if nothing happend”
I don’t know what to say !

OK !I admit , “i do speak a lot in sleep” , but this one is new . I never knew that i walked in my sleep….

Now I am really scared, that i may sleep walk and jump out of the window from the 10th floor one of these days.


5 comments on “What Dreams May Come !

  1. lol! dun worry dude,ur not alone on this.I talk a lot in my sleep, sometimes I even sing but these happen only when im stressed from some problem.its scary for others,sometimes my mom wakes me up if she hears me in the night.In my case its hereditary,my dad has it and even my grand father had the same problem.

  2. Lol saleeema halmarraa :PI don’t move when I sleep!! I sleep and wake up with the same position!! Dead body 🙂

  3. Letmego : :} take care , mimi : Till now i thought i was sleep like a dead body.. i was wrong Esh :I tried to lock the window , then i gave up, I prayed and slept… i guess i’ll be OK…

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