Am i the only one ? or is it happening to some one else too ? OK blogs are all about cribbing and bitching, then so be it, one more topic on “is it just me ? or Why me ?”

I went to this Irani Bakala besides “The One” and got me self two KDD cocktail juice which by all norms shouldn’t cost more than 100 fills each.
I asked ” Chem?”
The guys replied in a ruthless tone ”300fills”
I said ” WTF laish ?”
He just shrugged his shoulder and i realized this is one of those hundreds of times i have been rejected as a human being… i am being hated for no reason… anyway i just walked out…
This happens a lot to me , i go to some place to get some important job done , no matter i show how nice face with that extra , extra wide smile , even when i am wagging my imaginary tail to get the job done , i get rejected for no reason .And i can understand that the dude just doesn’t like me , but we haven’t met before , how come he doesn’t like me? I don’t get it, i mean i am clueless . Here comes the multi million $ question “WHY ME ?” or ” What i have done to deserve this ?” ,or is something wrong with my face ?.
I think it is a jinx i am born with or may be it is stamped in a big L on my forehead visible to others , but not me . I went to the bank other day. Bee bank sucks beyond imagination at MMall , After waiting a zillion hours finally it’s my turn , before i could reach the counter some dude with a huge ‘wasta’ and a perfume so strong that can faint me in a second goes ahead of me and the cashier lady is busy exchanging salam’s , she makes me wait for no reason , i flashed my token number , she looks upset and shows me the sign ‘Sabur shoyya”… again the question “why me? how people know that i am the person next in line and that is the perfect time to intrude and delay me?” .. i mean it happens to me all the time , not only at bank , even elsewhere whenever my turn comes some one comes in between , if not !!!! the person in the counter takes a break…. may be they see the L .
Today morning i was attending a customer , certain things that he wanted were out of stock [or may be not ], and i start to lose patience as well , after a little of uncomfortable customer service i apologised to him [which is mandatory] , but before he left he told me in a frustrated voice ” it’s all right , it happens to me all the time , probably it’s my face ” . and thats a sweet relief , it’s not just me there are others who bear this invisible mark too…

5 comments on “Loser

  1. And its not because its U or ur face!! Its because u beleive inside that u’ll be rejected in a reason or another, or that ur a looser! while ur not…Remember,, the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances 🙂

  2. Eknivel : I hear you brother !\Deem : Yes ROse ! i know , but sometimes circumstances are dire , cant help but wag that darn tailAlso i cant read arabic with numbers , i have not figured out yet which number stands for which alphabet ![ *wolf embarrased *]Esh :Doc , i am learning that no smile thing , sometimes it works, sometimes not … but i am learning… Thanks !

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