Ass invasion of a third kind

I have been ass invaded [ once again] … been busy like a busy bee , suddenly the company decided to go on Tanzilat and all hell broke lose ! , Mad rush ! crazy people , genuine buyers , window shoppers , fu#kers , cats , dogs.. in all it rained hell on us , anyways … a bit free today !
I apologise for not visiting your blogs , just heard that a tortoise beat ‘fastelco’ . So i officially declare ‘fastelco’ sucks.., so i am unable to open my ‘reader’ . BTW MTC sucks even worst, yeah ! MTC who ‘barred’ me from callin for no friggin reason…OK i admit i had to recharge , but what if i was lost in the desert or may be kidnapped ? Where the hell i am suppose to recharge ? In hell ? [sorry guys , with my sins i ain’t comin to heaven]
It’s been a Hectic life since she is pregnant, got up at 5am , took my wife to the clinic at 7 to open a pregnancy ‘malaf’.. bloody hell ! had to rush back home cz we didn’t take the marriage certificate , again a mad dash to the clinic at 7.30am , by this time all the big bellied women are ahead of us . after waiting two hours for her turn she is sent back because papers are incomplete , Oh ! i’m pissed why cant the health ministry employ a “Inglaizi’ speaking receptionist or put some ‘Inglaizi’ boards ,after all, am i not paying the ‘tameen saha’? ….
On the nude front… oh !! there is no nude front now… ‘I am not gettin any’ since she is pregnant , relatives ‘all over the world’ calling her to put a ‘lid on it’. so both of us are officially celebrating ‘married celibacy’ for the next 10 months, which BTW totally sucks !!
Finally whats wrong with the weather ! It looks like we are living in mars ! I hate dust storms…..


4 comments on “Ass invasion of a third kind

  1. ooooooh bummer on not getting any :Ssorry :Ppoh and mars looks like earth with our kind of weather :/is it just me or do you sometimes taste the dust in your mouth??

  2. Yeah, can really understand your position. They should really employ people who understand English at the clinics. We had to go thru so many communication problems when I was pregnant!!The climate really sucks!!

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